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Please Read Carefully

The services offered by Aroma Forest are not an act of clinical medicine. We do not provide medical care as we only offer a method of relaxation, and even the essential oils we use are classified as convenience goods or food additives in Japan.

Please understand that Aroma Forest will not diagnose your medical condition or provide medical treatment (In Japan, the medical effects of essentials oils are not yet legally recognized. Medical care must be provided by certified medical experts only).

We may not be able to offer our services to you if any one of the below is applicable. Please read carefully and feel free to consult us if you have any questions.

1. Pregnant

Please do let us know in advance if you are pregnant or showing signs of pregnancy, as there are some essential oils whose application is prohibited on pregnant women. As a principle we cannot offer our services to women in their early stages of pregnancy. Even if you have entered into a period of stability, we would still need to check your condition thoroughly to decide whether to treat you or not.

2. Intoxicated

We do not offer our services to intoxicated guests. Please visit us when you are sober.

3. Under Medication

If you are currently under some type of medication, we may refuse to offer our services. Please consult us well in advance.

And More...

Let us know in advance if your blood pressure is higher or lower than the average, so that we can select the best essential oils for you.

If you're on a period you may experience excessive bleeding after the treatment, albeit temporary. This happens because your rate of blood circulation is given a boost by the treatment, and you should interpret that as a positive sign. However, if you don't feel comfortable about it, we suggest you to visit us when your period ends.

Our body treatment will have a positive influence on your metabolism that will instruct your body to dispose its inner wastes. Please consume water (preferably mineral water) as much as possible before and after the treatment to help this body cleansing process.