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Short Courses for Starters

Quick Reflexology 20 mins.

Gentle pressure applied to the pressure points of your feet.

Legs 30 mins.

Treat your heavy, swollen legs.

Back (Upper & Lower Back and Arms) 30 mins.

Stiff shoulders? Achy back? Relieve your stress with this.

Hand & Neck 30 mins.

Having a hard time massaging these parts yourself? Let us!

Head 30 mins.

Alleviate stress, tension and help soothe that migraine.
*You may add this as an option to any course for 1,000 yen per 10 mins.

Whole Body Treatment for Extra Relaxation

Basic Course 60 mins. (Legs, Back, Neck)

The most basic course offered by Aroma Forest. When in doubt, try this!

Long Course 80 mins. (Basic Course + Arms)

We'll use the extra 20 minutes to work thoroughly on your arms and fingers.

Ultimate Relaxation 120 mins. (Long Course + Shiatsu + Head)

120 minutes of heavenly indulgence. Once you try it, you can't go back!

...and Here's Something Special

Raindrop 60 mins.

Raindrop technique uses a sequence of clinically approved essential oils that support the body's natural defense system. The oils are dispensed in little drops from a height of about six inches above the back, which is where Raindrop technique gets its name. They are then massaged along the spine and back muscles, as well as the feet. Highly recommended!

Vita Flex 30 mins.

The same essential oils for Raindrop are used, but applied to the feet only. You may feel a slight tickle at first, but it'll quickly turn into a comforting sensation. Recommended for people who require special care but have little time to spare.


  • Time shown is the time required for treatment only.
  • Time shown is the time required for treatment only. First time guests will need to go through a 30-minute counseling session before the actual treatment. From the second time on we'll only need 15 minutes before the treatment to check your body condition. Please take this time under consideration when making a reservation.
  • The cost for post-treatment herb tea is included in the price.
  • Pre-treatment foot bath is included for all courses exceeding 60 minutes.
  • A male guest must be accompanied by a female guest.